Helper or Common function in Laravel 10

Helper or Common function in Laravel 10

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1 What are helper functions ?
2 Why we need helper functions ?
3 Creating helper functions
4 Calling helper from controller

1:What are helper functions ?

Helper functions are basically reusable code , which you can use in most of the functions in  controllers , models or any other file in laravel application .That piece of code that you want to use in most of the controllers

2:Why we need helper functions?

Some functions in laravel are like you have to use in every controller , like saving an image ,some cURL request , some value converting functions (Bytes to MB,GB) or some functions when we are using apis to return json format . Liike we have some other methods of using resuable code like Traits in Laravel 10  but when you have to use these methods you first have to initialise like if we have traits , so to use them ( we have to intialize and call the method use   and same in model we have to initialize in the controller ) but what if we want use that code in Blade  files , that's we often sometimes to use helper functions in ou larvael application.

3:Creating helper functions

creating helper functions is not a very  deal so here we use a helper or common function which is used in every single file  in laravel. Make a folder structure like this app/Common/helper.php as shown in image.

so here we make manually a fiile name helper.php inside Common folder now we define it in autoload files inside composer.json  in root directory don't replace   the whole code just add the helper.php directory in autoload funtion in composer.json
code for autoload:

  "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "App\\": "app/",
            "Database\\Factories\\": "database/factories/",
            "Database\\Seeders\\": "database/seeders/"
        "files": ["app/Common/helper.php"]

and hit composer dump-autoload  Copy

composer dump-autoload 

add the code which you want to use in helper.php file and use used the functions of file as helper functions here we are using a helper function named convert which converts the given size into KB,MB and GB . Copy 

use App\Models\User;
function prx($arr)
    echo "<pre>";
function convert($size, $unit)
    if ($unit == "KB") {
        return $fileSize = round($size / 1024, 4) . 'KB';
    if ($unit == "MB") {
        return $fileSize = round($size / 1024 / 1024, 4) . 'MB';
    if ($unit == "GB") {
        return $fileSize = round($size / 1024 / 1024 / 1024, 4) . 'GB';

4:Calling helper from controller

We can call the function in any controller as shown in given below code
code in controller:

  public function showDatainMB()
        $value  =   1048576;
        $value  =   convert($value,'MB');


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