What is Flutter & Dart , Why to choose flutter , Flutter features

What is Flutter & Dart , Why to choose flutter , Flutter features

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Hello Developers in this tutorial we are going discuss about what is flutter & dart

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1 What is Dart & Flutter
2 Why to choose flutter
3 Flutter apps vs Native spps
4 Features of Flutter application

1:What is Dart & Flutter

Dart is a programming language which is developed and handled only by Google and Flutter is a framework which is also developed and handled only by Google  , like if you working with technologies like PHP then you come to know better that like Laravel is framework of PHP similarly Flutter is Dart framework , its an open source platform but its libraries are only handle by Google that's the main reason for its increasing demand and seamless performance. 

In the framwork we just input the widegts but at the backend engine comes with C/C++ to provide Dart VM management , Frame Scheduling , Asset Resolution and much more as shown in above image

2:Why to choose Flutter

2.1 Performance
Application developed using flutter framework provides seamless performance through its widgets binding as in flutter we build our UI screens using widgets , the perfomance of an application mostly depend upon its libraries , as in flutter libraries are manage and discover  by Google team.

2.2 Cross Platfrom application
Working on flutter application , don't need to develop application differently for cross platform , flutter packages provides us cross-platform compatibility by compiling the Dart code into native code for each target platform with single Codebase.

2.3 Build Native Applications
Using flutter doesn't require to building application with diffrent codebase , only with a single codebase flutter provide us to build native applications for Android and IOS

3:Flutter app Vs Native apps

Flutter app Native app
* Single codebase should be used for cross-platform application. * Multiple codebase should be used as much cross-platform application
* Directly compile with native platforms * Compile with particular type of platform
* Same codebase with different build * Different codebase with different build

4:Features of Flutter Application

* Build Applications in all cross-platforms wtih single codebase.
* Hot reload feature which gives high efficient build of native apps.
* Building seamless perfomance by widgets.
* Proficient building of Hybrid Apps.

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